Architectural Drawing


Mechanical Drafting – The students learn how to create mechanical parts using CAD software. From basic geometry to complex assembly design using Autodesk Inventor Professional 2012.

Architectural Drafting – The students are exposed to CAD technologies and conventional drafting methods to produce designs using CAD and AutoCAD Architecture.

3DS MAX – The students will learn hot to create presentations and animations using 3DS Max. Its rendering tools and effects will give a finished touch to drawings created with CAD or Revit software. It is not limited to realistic presentations but also allows students to create a virtual movie file of the project. This program prepares students for work in the field of design and architecture.

Course Hours:

OCP ATDR0070Introduction to drafting150 Hours
OCP BTDR0370Drafting Assistant450 Hours
Drafting Detailer 1
Drafting Detailer 2
150 Hours
150 Hours
OCP DTDR0570Architectural Drafter150 Hours
OCP ETDR0874Civil Drafter150 Hours
OCP FTDR0777Mechanical Drafter150 Hours
OCP GTDR0875Structural Drafter150 Hours
Total Hours: 1500 Hours

Contact Information:

For additional information call (305) 649-9800 Ext. 2382. A counselor or an administrator may assist the client.

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